Lone Star New Lynn

Lone Star New Lynn

Home style Kiwi Classics


Choose from our favourites like Redneck Ribs, Dixie Chicken, Stir Crazy Sirloin, Johnny Cash Stash, Blue Pacific Fish n Chips, Rockin Ribeye, Glen Campbell & Gerhard Burgers.

For the kids we have Road Runner, Barneys Ribs, Deputy Dog & more.

Finish with a delicious dessert Kiwi Pavlova, Milky Bar Pudding or Jack Daniels Choc Pudding.



3 Totara Avenue, New Lynn 0600



+64 9 826 1906

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Please phone your orders through from 4.30pm.
You will be given an approx time to come and collect.
Please wait in your vehicle and we will text you when it's your turn to collect your food.
We are unable to do deliveries.
This is pick up only.

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