Haru No Yume

Haru No Yume



With a magnificent Head Chef at the helm, Haru No Yume is serving exquisite Japanese plates to the trendy restaurant-goers in Auckland.

It's a Zen hideaway from the buzz of Auckland. Step inside and you are greeted by a slick, symmetrical dining area with trendy wooden panelling, green creepers and Japanese lanterns. Sake bottles also line the shelves; a hint to buy a full bottle perhaps...?

From freshly made sashimi to gyoza and ramen, this eatery serves the very best of Japanese cuisine. In the sushi section there's the classic nigiri as well as beef tataki and tempura oyster. And the California rolls? Keep them rolling we say!

There are also delectable sharing plates like a soft shell crab, agedashi tofu and tempura prawn which is always a crowd-pleaser. If sharing isn't for you, why not order a warming bowl of ramen! And a bottle of Sake whilst you're at it.


3 Vernon Street, Auckland CBD 1010




+64 9 3095446

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