SAMKO Eatery

SAMKO Eatery

Asian Fusion


SAMKO Café is owned by Bu-nga Krataitong and Nuttavut Rodsienglum.

The casual dining style of SAMKO Café grew out of our love for fresh and innovative Asian cuisine and our desire to make it available to everyone.

Tasty, healthy, fast food at affordable prices that our customers love to eat – this is what we want to share with you.

And we cater to everyone, whether you like it spicy or not so hot!

We developed a love of food thanks to our mothers’ cooking.

Nuttavut’s mother in particular was a fantastic cook and she inspires everything we do at SAMKO.

The café is even named after the province in Thailand where she lived.

Our recipes are all about using the knowledge we have from cooking with our families in Thailand and around the world, taking the best local ingredients and experimenting and adapting to the local palate.


105 Hardy Street, Nelson 7021


+64 3 5481382

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