Arranged Marriage Restaurant

Arranged Marriage Restaurant

Authentic South Indian restaurant


Our name, Arranged Marriage, is about the ‘marriage’ of Kerala cuisine and ideas in a New Zealand setting.

We also acknowledge our great leader, Mahatma Gandhi, was inspired by the actions of passive resistance by the people of Parihaka.

It’s this relationship we have explored on our ‘Peace Wall’, along with several of the world’s recognised leaders of peace.

The magical cuisine of Kerala is an intelligent combination of potent spices and the generous use of coconut.

The cooking styles are influenced by the neighbouring states and the traders from various countries who sailed to the Malabar Coast laden with sacks of gold to trade for their favourite spice, black pepper.

This Cuisine reflects a meeting of cultures, Kerala Hindus have a largely vegetarian menu and use coconuts that grow along the coast.

Syrian Christians eat more fish and meat, and the Muslims make delicious breads and sizzling Biryani.

Prepare yourself for a culinary journey of enjoying this unexplored cuisine.

You can be rest assured that what you taste here at Arranged Marriage is precisely how dishes are prepared back home as we have preserved the authentic, traditional recipes from Kerala.

We look forward to charming you with an authentic South Indian wedding dining experience, all the way from the South West Coast of India to New Plymouth!


77 Devon Street East, New Plymouth 4310


+64 6 215 4488

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