Hawea Store & Kitchen


From farm to shelf to table, Hawea Store & Kitchen serves up an array of organic and spray-free vegetables, fresh local meats and artisan bread and transforms them into an appetizing menu with a wine list to match.

The kitchen’s philosophy is one of honesty and pride that shows off the region’s many talents. Not just the fruits of their labour, but the land the produce is grown from, the farmers who tend it and the chefs from all corners who prepare the food they offer, dishing up a world of culture and flavour.

We're pleased to let you all know that for the duration of Level 3, we will expand our current operations at Hawea Store & Kitchen to include:

New opening hours - 9am-7pm, daily
Takeaways in the evenings - between 4pm-7pm, daily (please call to pre -order)
Takeaway coffee - between 9am-2pm (no Again Again or reusable cups please)


33 Capell Avenue Lake Hawea 9382



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