Sweet Release

Sweet Release

Vegan treats and comfort food


We are Wellington’s first all vegan cafe, the organisers behind the all Vegan monthly night market called The Vegan Vault, and the team behind Not a Butcher.

We love experimenting with food and we make most of our products from scratch. We don't serve dairy, eggs, meat or nuts in store.

Our array of takeaway options include our "Not Meats": ranging from our award-winning Wellington On a Plate jackfruit seitan ribs, to our in-house Not Steak, and crispy battered Not Chicken. If you fancy something sweeter, try our glazed Cinnabuns or Hershey's Inspired Chocolate Cake!

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All orders are cleared daily. Please select a time that you would like for your pick up and call the store on 027 285 3046 when you arrive. We are located at 134 Willis St, Te Aro, Wellington.

You can order days ahead. Please write the full date in the notes area.

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